To Be the Best, You Work with the Best

We invite you to question Industry Experts who say that we’ve finally “cracked the code” for life settlement securitizations.

Industry Experts


  • Longevity Specialty Finance, is a team of Life Settlement professionals who have decades of experience as lead managers of successful multi-billion dollar life settlement funds, which now includes the founder and former CEO of the largest settlement aggregator.
  • Life Settlement Financial has originated over $13 billion of life settlements and is forming a network of agencies to source policies
  • Matheson is Ireland’s largest law firm. Sadis and Goldberg is a leading bond counsel, with life settlement experience
  • Wilmington Trust, is a leading life settlement custodian and administrator
  • Egan-Jones Ratings Company downgraded ENRON and the US Government before S&P.


This constellation has gained the confidence of our placement agent Ziegler, a prominent institutional broker/dealer.