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Powering Select Emerging Growth Companies

Leveraging an Untapped Asset Class

Senior Life Settlements are valuable non-correlated assets. They are readily available yet remain under-used as collateral to back other investments. We acquire policies to collateralize our YESbonds™ allowing us to unlock wealth and create capital. The result is a reduced-risk growth opportunity for both investors and emerging growth companies.

Creating Sound Investments

Our YESbonds™ provide investors with investment-grade ratings and potential venture-like returns. These category-defining bonds are asset-backed and non-correlated.

Empowering Sustainable Growth

We provide corporate loans to selected growth companies. This enables the growth companies’ founding teams to retain control while accessing funds and resources that allow them to perform and grow.

Leveraging the Last Great Untapped Asset Class

We founded Longevity Capital Company to solve a problem. Every year hundreds of billions of life insurance policies lapse without an offer or settlement. This valuable non-correlated asset class—life insurance—is sitting on the sidelines. Instead, it could play a part in empowering a sustainable economy.


Longevity Capital Company has developed proprietary technology and a methodology and structure with industry-leading business partners. Our objective is bold: securitize Senior Life Settlements on a previously unseen scale.


We were able to achieve a BBB+ rating, a first for this form of life insurance-backed asset.

Powering Substantial Growth


Longevity Capital Company believes that this collateral can make growth opportunities a much safer proposition. Initially, we plan to issue life insurance-backed bonds, raising funds to finance qualified start-up and growth companies seeking operating capital that is both affordable and on fair terms.


Longevity Capital Company is a novel Fintech and Insurtech Hybrid. A new breed of investment firm that drives sustainable and inclusive capitalism—“Investment-Grade Bonds collateralized by life insurance.

A Perfect Storm for Investment-Grade Bonds


The timing is perfect: we estimate that four TRILLION dollars of baby boomer life insurance is expected to lapse over the next ten years. Longevity Capital Company, and our partner companies, can utilize a good portion of that for collateral to back bonds that provide loans to emerging growth companies.


The  goal of Longevity Capital Company is to become a market leader for this form of financing.

Proprietary Technology Allows Us to “Crack the Code”


We partner with leading incubators, investors, and research organizations, to help us select the most advantageous projects and empower transformative emerging companies to revolutionize a variety of technologies and transform the world. The use of the term “revolutionize” is quite deliberate. Longevity Capital Company believes our product, called a YESbond, heralds a significant new category in the way funds are raised, the risk is managed and mitigated, and wealth is generated and distributed. Everyone wins.

Powering Growth Companies


Each prospective borrower is an innovative and rapidly growing company that we select—one that needs expansion capital. Longevity Capital Company provides favorable terms, which we believe will position us to finance superior opportunities in the market. Our selection criteria includes:


  1. Companies with rapidly growing revenue, requiring $15 million or more for strategic expansion
  2. Experienced management with relevant sector knowledge, a history of success and a solid business plan
  3. A strong social and environmental ethic based on one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  4. Ability to support interest payments and repayment of the principal within ten years
  5. High potential for a significant liquidity event within five years


Our system is designed to provide investors with significant capital appreciation while offering investment-grade bond risk levels. The portfolios of life insurance, loans and warrants can generate substantial and consistent cash flow and GAAP income for the company and its investors. Actuarial stress testing by top industry experts indicate that the cash flow from the insurance contracts should retire the YESbond, even when the growth company loan and warrants fail to perform. YESbonds are designed to yield as much as 7% annually before profits from warrants.