We are a Fintech company structuring a dynamic way of using select, non-market correlated assets to protect investments.

Equity-Like Returns with Bond-Level Risk

The Longevity Capital Company Widespread Impact

We founded Longevity Capital Company to support “Inclusive Capitalism” and create abundance where there has been scarcity. Everyone wins. Our funding solution is safer for the investor and allows emerging company management teams to retain control of their development and success.


Utilizing our powerful technology and our partnerships with world-class organizations, we can select the most exciting projects and help give innovative emerging companies the power to transform the world. The people who help develop and produce innovation retain control of their company. This strengthens companies and the economy.


Those impacted by this breakthrough are diverse. They include seniors (65+) who are unable to afford their life insurance or in need of unlocking an otherwise illiquid asset. They also include pension funds unable to fully support retirement obligations in our current low-interest rate environment. These funds are mandated to seek safety and to be secure, but cannot find solidly performing assets that produce consistently high returns.


Our bonds are structured to receive a high rating from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). This serves the needs of insurance companies required to mindfully invest proportions of their reserves into safe assets. Like the pension funds who invest in our breakthrough securities, insurance companies can also meet their performance targets with YESbonds™.

Longevity Capital Company
Will Make Significant Profits While Doing Good

Longevity Capital Company’s profit from loan fees, management fees, warrants and upside potential, are inherent in the select life insurance policies chosen, using a proprietary underwriting algorithm.

Our “Why”—What We Believe


A New Leadership is required. Unprecedented rewards will come to these new leaders.


If we expect to create a world that is better tomorrow, we require leadership different from the past. This new leadership is distinguished by its foundation in service and collaboration.

Service is required to all constituencies—not just shareholders but all stakeholders including associates, partners and staff. Beyond the working environment, leaders recognize that they are ultimately responsible for serving communities, humanity, and even nature herself. This service is rooted in fairness, which dictates every decision be beneficial for all concernedand that the value we create is shared with all stakeholders.

Service isn’t meaningful without input from those served, or without the consensus of diversity that ensures success and longevity for decisions and projects. Hence collaboration is key to the effective leadership required today. This collaboration employs transparency, listening, sharing and responsiveness to, and with, all stakeholders. It is a hallmark of new leaders.

Like leaders of the past, we seek out the best opportunities and vet them carefully; we make decisions based upon knowledge, wisdom and discernment. But we are also guided by the new leadership values of service and collaboration, making us more effective and driving our success because of the good that we do. New leadership means that everyone wins. Longevity Capital Company is committed to embody this new leadership, and to support and seek out other new leaders in our business.

We believe that knowledge and discernment are required to choose the right path, that we should always be looking for great opportunities, but look into them carefully. These are leadership standards that are worth following.


Fairness dictates that every decision should be beneficial for all concerned. The value we create is shared with all who participate.


Transparency assures fairness. Share your work. Collaboration creates better solutions, faster.


And so, we listen.


Stewardship means treating other’s wealth and well-being as we would treat our own. It means that we intend to leave the world a better place than we found it. Responsibility is required for dealing in financial environments. This means being responsive to all of our associates, partners and employees.